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We are now fully open!!

Chiropractic care considered essential. . . .  more now than ever.

So let’s get everyone tuned-up again!!

Chiropractic has always been focused on enhancing every individuals health and well-being so that we can all maintain the freedom to live an awesome life.

Now that we can fully open our doors. Let’s make it happen!!

Now that we are in Level 2, what does this look like?:

The Ministry of Health and Chiropractic Registration Board have confirmed that Chiropractic offices can re-open with all face-to-face consultations.

The only restriction we have are:

-maintain physical-distancing guidelines (see below)

-if you have symptoms of COVID, or are deemed to be at risk, we will carry out additional screening to ensure neither you or anyone else is put at risk.


How the practice will be structured during Level 2:

The Physical-Distancing Guidelines. Whilst we believe the threat from the COVID-19 virus is minimal, and every one of our proactive practice members would fall comfortably within the 98+ percent of people that would brush through the corona virus like a small breeze, in order to protect the small percentage of vulnerable, and respect any individuals desires to minimize potential risk, here’s what we are doing to make our space extremely safe for you to be able to come in:

For those that fit in this category we have 2 options for you:

  1.  Personalized Service Times: Appointment times will be arranged once application forms have been received. During these times we have Personalized Service Times where appointments are spaced out, so that you basically have the experience by yourself with minimal contact with anyone. Reception area has been altered to abide by the distancing rules, and only leather/vinyl chiropractic tables will be used.
  2. Concierge Service:for the vulnerable and those taking the social distancing seriously, we have a separate room with back door access, so you do not have to have any contact with any other person apart from your chiropractor. With this option, you don’t have to go through the reception at all.

If you require either of these services please let us know.

We will also be modifying our reception and community areas to limit the number of people at any one time, as well as spacing between seating.

The Cleansing Guidelines. The following additional cleaning actions will be performed within the practice:

  • Chiropractic Tables and surfaces will be wiped down with ethanol-based spray between all visits.


What happens with appointments now that we are at Level 2? :

We are super excited to be able to start checking you again from Thursday 14th may onwards.

Our plan going forward is this:   

Existing Practice Members:

For all of you who had a schedule of care booked or had a forward appointment as we went into Lockdown, we have re-booked you for when Level 2 starts.

You will receive either an email notification of this, an SMS, or both which will alert you to when your next appointment is.

If you do not have a forward appointment with us, or want to make an appointment, please email us on with your preferred time and day, and we will organise an appointment for you.  We will confirm by email that this has been booked for you.

New Practice Members:

If you are new to AHC and would like to make an appointment during any of the Lockdown phasesplease email us on  and we will organize an appointment for you.

We will confirm by email that this has been booked for you.


The people who invest in developing the best health and resistance will always live the freest lives.

Let’s make it happen!