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Support Team

Serena Dalton

serena dalton “I love that chiropractic care offers the capacity to build communities of families living awesome lives!”

Rebecca Geange

rebecca geange
“I love seeing our regular practice members, who are like friends I see every week, and meeting our new members and making them a new friend.”

Rachael Blanchette

“Chiropractic changed my life. It helped me through my two pregnancies and births of my two little boys. The innate power of the body is an amazing thing and I love how chiropractic helps people of all ages live life to their full potential. I believe that building connections with people is not only important for everyone’s wellbeing but it’s also fun!”
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Corrine Palmer


“I love the power and hope chiropractic brings to people’s lives. It excites me to see the everyday changes that Chiropractic brings to whole families.”

Nicolette Foote


I love chiropractic and how it has changed my life and I love being able to witness chiropractic helping others to live their best lives!”



“I love seeing people thrive, and that’s what I get to see every day at AHC. Chiropractic allows people to reach their optimal potential by enabling their bodies to function at their very best.”


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