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Are Daycares A Breeding Ground For Germs


And isn’t that a great thing…….within reason!

Bugs are not all bad!

Early exposure to new ‘germs’ and ‘bugs’ is necessary to build resistance and to allow our adaptive immune system to develop.

Our nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) is designed to constantly adapt and perceive our environment. It is imperative that our nervous system works interference free so that it can do this very important job unimpeded. The nervous system controls the immune system and therefore contributes to our health and wellbeing. Chiropractic works by ensuring the nervous system works optimally allowing our immune system to function properly.

So exposure to a variety of ‘bugs’ helps our little ones to develop a healthy immune system which is necessary for their development. It literally primes them for future exposure and preps the immune system for how to react appropriately. This exposure is essential for the proper priming of the immune system and its development.

When exposed to these ‘bugs’ and ‘germs’ our immune system reacts and sometimes adapts with little or no symptoms, other times it sucumbs and builds a stronger immune response, which is appropriate to form long term immunity. So in essence signs and symptoms are not bad, they are our body prepping and priming for the future.

Cast your minds back to the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

If we had no exposure to new and novel ‘bugs’ or ‘germs’ we would never be able to challenge and develop our adaptive immune system. This would be like wrapping our children up in cotton wool and hoping they might never be exposed to any ‘bugs’ or ‘germs’, this perhaps is an unlikely scenario, as life is full of ‘bugs’ and ‘germs’. “Bugs’ and “germs’ are all around us all the time, it is our ability to adapt to them (the host) that determines our health outcome.
activator child adjustment

If we had too much exposure all at once, this can overwhelm the system and cause shut down.

However, the right amount of continued exposure over time allows for an ideal adaptive response, which primes our immune system for our future health and wellbeing. This can all be assisted by ensuring we are percieving our environment accurately and effectivly by making sure our nervous system is working unimpeded.
So go and get ‘digedy’ with your ‘bugs’ and ‘germs’.

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