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What to Expect at Advanced Health Chiropractic

Whether you’re a newbie or long-time friend of chiropractic, this is what every new patient at Advanced Health Chiropractic can expect.

Understanding You

Your first visit is all about gathering as much information as we can about your lifestyle, health background, and motivations for visiting the practice – so we can create an optimised care plan suited to your health goals.

This includes a full examination with state-of-the-art technology:

  • Thorough chiropractic assessment
  • Heart Rate Variability (measuring your overall adaptability of stress), Thermography scan (assessing brain-body connection) and sEMG scan (measuring the energy of your spinal posture).
  • X-rays, taken on-site if needed

Our team of chiropractors will thoroughly review your findings to determine the best way to start your journey to health.

  • This visit takes a total of 45 minutes including time for paperwork.
  • You can wear your regular clothes for the appointment.
  • You will not receive your first adjustment until your second visit.

What to Expect at Advanced Health Chiropractic

Report of Findings Visit

This visit is essential – we’ll take you through what we found in your first visit, and what the plan of action is for getting you back to optimal potential. We aim to book you in for your report of findings as soon as we can after your initial consultation.

Should you be ready for action, we start with your first chiropractic adjustment during this visit.

Your Care Plan

Chiropractic adjusting tableDepending on your care plan and where you are on your journey to health, you’ll be scheduled in for weekly, fortnightly or monthly, regular adjustments.

Chiropractic is a journey – the aim is to get you to a point in your health journey where your adjustments are a preventative measure – rather than a reactive solution to a problem.

The frequency of your adjustments will change depending on where you are in your care plan.


The best way to book an appointment is to give us a call on 09 818 8015. You can also send us an email below.


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