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Chat on This

Chat on This is a series of conversations designed to be thought-provoking, informative
and offer an empowering approach towards wellbeing for your family.

Hosted by Advanced Health Chiropractic, these conversations will equip you with the tools and understanding that will further your family’s chiropractic journey and approach to health from the inside out. From our conversations here, to wherever you like to listen, unite with your community and let’s Chat on This.

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Drs Hayley and Breezy Maginness: What’s happening in your child’s developing brain and maximising the health of families

In this conversation, Dr. Breezy and Hayley Maginness discuss the importance of chiropractic care for children and families.
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Part 2 of our 2-part series with Deniza Ceniza

We chat to Dina today on her experience and wisdom is healing childhood asthma alongside chiropractic care.
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Part 1 of our 2-part series with Deniza Ceniza

Stay tuned for next week’s Chat on childhood asthma, and how Dina’s methods have helped countless children regain their health.
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The miracle of birth: Let your nervous system lead the way

This podcast is all-encompassing and the ONE resource that has all of the magic in the same place.
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Colic… My baby won’t stop crying!

We have our beautiful and VERY experienced Katie Pritchard taking the podcast this week, and it happens to be one of her favourite topics.
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A lifestyle of purpose, structure and success with Malcolm Rudd

As one of our own close friends, colleague and mentor – we are delighted to share Malcolm Rudd’s brilliance with our listeners.
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Want to make your brain work faster? Here’s how you can:

As mentioned in the beginning of this show, Helen Bartrom from Positive Births NZ has offered our listeners a 10% discount off her online or in-person hypnobirthing courses booked before November 30th.
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Wiring Brains for Learning and Success

Today’s Chat is a re-release of one of our most popular Brain and Learning series. We discuss what causes a busy brain and why, why this makes learning harder, what it looks like in the classroom, how to measure and how to help

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Positive Births NZ with Helen Bartrom: Guided By The Nervous System

Having heard many chiropractors, and chiropractic seekers, birth stories on Helen’s own podcast – we are delighted to have her along for a Chat.
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Understanding your child’s Vagus nerve with Mo Andrews

Our 100th episode!! And no better guest than having Dr Mo Andrews join us for a return this week.
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Get your Vagus nerve FIRING with Mo Andrews

We have 2 episodes for you – tailored towards adults and children. Today kicks us off with the brilliant Dr Monique Andrews, chiropractor and passionate expert in the vagus nerve particularly.

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The Most Exciting Brain Research / Part 2, Heidi Haavik

Part 2 from the fabulous Dr Heidi Haavik – her research into the brain, and the HUGE impacts of chiropractic care on this.

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Female Health and Hormone Repair / Lara Briden

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and she is famously known for her books Hormone Repair Manual and Period Repair Manual.

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Intuition and Gut Feelings – The Neurology Behind It

Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone you haven’t heard from in a while, and sure enough that day the phone rings and it’s them?
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Childhood Milestones: The Brain, Chiropractic and Development / Dr Martin Rosen

This episode is a highly sought after discussion from those in our practice.
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What’s causing inflammation: Inside the magic of a well-adjusted nervous system and influences on the inflammatory cascade

Did you know most disease includes an inflammatory component? Be that autoimmune, skin, gut, coughs, colds or injuries?

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Growth or Decline with Katie and Lydia

Growth and Decline are both normal states within the body.
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Is it possible to balance work, children, lifestyle and STILL find joy?

These two bring us so much joy in chiropractic, seminars and now to chat with on the podcast.
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The brains, brilliance and science behind your Chiropractic care / Heidi Haavik

All things science with one (if not THE) of the most brilliant chiropractic researchers in the world.
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Are you ready to thrive? Supporting immune, gut, and reproductive health with simple steps / Shaz Andrew

We are delighted to have Shaz on board with us, and for such an informative chat on all things natural wellbeing.
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How is Grant Schofield making waves in the space of clever risk-taking, vibrant, strong and able families?

Grant Schofield is the Professor of Public Health at the Auckland University of Technology and director of the Human Potential Centre.
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Nutrigenomics and the Power of Food with Christine Houghton

This week Katie is Chatting with Dr Christine Houghton.
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Angela Osborne joins us for a Chat this week.

Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and masters in Health Science.
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Healing recurrent infections in kids and supporting immune systems with Dr Leila Masson

For over 25 years Leila has been working with children and their families to improve their overall health and wellbeing.
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How do you get an absolute guru to narrow down their genius for just a quick chat? Well, she did it!

Gina is a very close colleague and recommended practitioner of the practice.
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Boosting Your Body’s Defences: Unleashing the Power of the Immune System and Chiropractic Care

We have another success story to hopefully motivate and inspire you with HOPE.
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Terrain Theory and Your Immune System with Dr Tim Ewer

We have the incredible Dr Tim Ewer back with us for this Chat.
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Are Daycares A Breeding Ground For Germs? With Kerry, Jess and Kim from Wilde Meadows

“Wilde Meadows – little school in the valley” – That name says it all doesn’t it?
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Better handling common childhood illnesses – Paediatric Nurse and Chiropractic come together for this one

We chat with Darcey today, and let the magic of our worlds collide.
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Brain health drives physical health. How to maximise your body this Winter / Murray Warner

Ways to maximise your body this winter.
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Chiropractic Secrets to Supercharging the Immune System: Resilience and Adaptability

How can we prime and support our bodies towards resilience this Winter?
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Dr Tim Ewer: Easy stress busters to boost immune health this winter

Dr Tim Ewer is Katie’s uncle, making this Chat extra special and close to home.
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Chiropractic care that embodies culture, recovery and community connection / Vernon’s Story

This is a story of recovery for not only one incredible individual, but the people he interacts with in her work and community life.
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Bruce Lipton: Your thoughts drive your physiology

Have you heard of Bruce Lipton?
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Empowering Pregnancy and Birth / James Evans, Chiropractor

Hear our chat with Dr James Evans who is a chiropractor, and alongside his wife Jenna focuses on chiropractic care throughout pregnancy, labour and postpartum.
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What your nervous system scans are really telling you about your life.

We talk with Dr David Fletcher about the 3 neurological scans we run at our practice, Advanced Health Chiropractic.
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Addicted to stress: Is the outcome luck, genes or choice?

Katie dives into an extraordinary chat with someone who has known her almost her entire life! From intrepid travel stories, to devastating losses, children, adventures and everything in between – this Chat covers a simply amazing story of one woman.
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How to keep stress in check during pregnancy / Midwife Adriana Yianacou

We have our legendary Adriana back to Chat for round 2. And this time we are following on from last week’s episode…
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Get the low down on Tongue Ties / From pre-conception to birth

We take this one from all angles as tongue ties seem to be more and more common.
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There’s something very different about chiropractic families: A passionate, real and sometimes hilarious chat with someone who’s seen it all / Judy Olsson

Our beloved Judy Olsson! If you are a long time AHC member and needing your Judy fix – this is for you. Or, if you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Judy – consider this your introduction to a phenomenal woman.
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Feeling triggered this week? Understanding your response to trauma

We talk how the extreme weather events, school and business closures, of the recent week have left our nervous systems feeling TRIGGERED.
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Healthy Homes and Chemical Loads: Mould and how it impacts your central nervous system

Katie has the low-down on mould, and we think it’s especially important given the recent flooding and already damp houses in Auckland with such an unusually wet summer.
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Katie on State of Emergencies: The Impact on Our Sympathetic Nervous System and What’s Happening Right Now

As Auckland enters its second week of a state of emergency declaration following the devastating floods, Katie mindfully breaks this down for us and what effect it really has on our nervous systems. With extraordinary stress comes an extraordinary need for our bodies to be able to respond and keep us alive.
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From kids for kids: How to have Superhero health and strong bodies / Maddy and Ava

In this episode, we discuss what’s on their minds at this stage of life, what it means to the girls to be healthy, how do they keep their bodies thriving, their chiropractic stories and what they are most looking forward to this year.
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Unleashing your Teens Potential with Positive Psychology with Guest Speaker Caroline Jack

Caroline is now a life coach and trained mental health youth first aider. You can find her at Life Coaching with Caroline Jack and she also works as a life coach at Fettes College, Edinburgh.
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We chat to our very own Ryan Julian – AHC legend and champion 10-pin bowling player

Ryan has represented New Zealand across the world stage, competing against both his own age as well as open adult leagues.
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Brain’s wired for learning: Reading, writing and retention – making school life easier this year.

Parents and teachers will unite over this episode as we discuss the ways in which some teenagers may find learning a challenge, and how best to navigate this.
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If I could jump into my teen’s brain…

Teen interview with Nadiya Turk on concerns and stresses for teenagers, and how to wire for success.
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Maintaining good health over Summer: What our teenagers need throughout the silly season.

By the time we get to the Summer holidays, we’re all well ready for a break… kids included!
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Optimising sports performance in Teens and why the research is bringing it all back to the BRAIN.

This episode shares the research on what is happening in the brain when we adjust the spine and nervous system, and why that positively impacts the strength and agility of teenagers.
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Understanding a teenager’s neurological needs around sleep.

This one is a goodie! We discuss all the neurology surrounding sleep, circadian rhythms, influences on sleep and what might be getting in the way.
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The Gut-Brain link, Skin, Mood and Anxiety in Teenagers

The two are both directly and indirectly linked so it makes sense as chiropractors to dedicate a whole episode to nourishing the gut alongside the nervous system. We will discuss this throughout this Chat.
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What does posture REALLY have to do with your kids brain? We give you the ins and outs

Posture is a B I G topic for a lot of people. We all want to hold ourselves up straight, walk with confidence and grow with healthy and strong bodies into our older years.
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How we Maximise the Health of your Teens and Tweens with these 3 Core Steps

This episode is all about tweens and teens, but more importantly it’s about growing HEALTHY teens and tweens. more »

7 Signs Your Teen May Not Be Thriving And Why

This is an incredible case study and a very special one to share
For most of us, we know or at least have an inkling when something is off or amiss with our children’s health. more »

From distressed, depressed and anxious to life as a vibrant teen

This is an incredible case study and a very special one to share

Be following our Instagram to see the nervous system scans and watch this teen move from stuck & exhausted, to vibrant, healthy and resilient. more »

Busy and distracted brains in tweens and teens / Why it happens and what to do

It’s all about the neurology in this episode!

A busy brain is a simple term we use to describe the neurology that may be driving behaviour which appears chaotic, anxious, reactive or frantic. more »

We dive into the neurology behind it and answer your Instagram questions / Hips, Head Shape and Home Care

The long awaited Hips, Head Shape and Home Care episode! This one is extra special as you guys have contributed to it by asking your questions on Instagram. more »

Latch, attachment, spilling, sleep, colic, and all things newborns: Chiropractic approach for parents

Pregnant, planning to be or have a young baby? We have everything you need to know in order to understand your baby’s signs and what they may be telling you. more »

Chiropractic care for a better birth experience. This is GOLD (and packed with information) / One Special Story

Recently while attending a home visit for a women during her labour, Katie was lucky enough to be present and in full assistance during the birth of this sweet little baby. Katie touches upon the magic of this experience and why, from a chiropractic perspective, she was there. more »

When, why and how to get checked by your chiropractor during labour + our top pregnancy resources / Lydia McClean

As a wrap up to our recent birth series, we give you everything you need to know about getting checked by your chiropractor during labour and birth.

Here are the 4 top times to be checked during this phase and when to contact your chiropractor. more »

Midwife: How to create your ideal birth experience / Adriana Yianacou

An episode for all birthers, whether you are yet to birth or have done so many times over. Adriana’s perspective and expertise brings birth, and the birth room back to it’s core – trust the body, support the body, and give the body what it needs to perform. more »

Hypnobirthing educator, pregnancy and birth doula, and podcast host of This is Birth New Zealand/Megan Lloyd-Smith

As a returning guest, Megan joins us on the birth series with her key approaches to pregnancy, labour and birth.

Megan is a hypnobirthing educator, pregnancy, and birth doula. She is the founder and host of the podcast This is Birth New Zealand. more »

Birth Series: Mum knows best – Navigating 2 different birth experiences and learnings for the impending arrival of #3/Niki Jacomb

Mum knows best – Niki’s intuition and trust in her body absolutely epitomises what we know here at Advanced Health Chiropractic. Women are powerful, they are resilient, and they are more than able to traverse the requirements of birth in a way that leaves them feeling empowered, supported and utterly capable. We are right here with you every step of the way. more »

Birth Series: Regulating your nervous system for optimal pregnancy, birth and Motherhood transitions / Vanessa Werner

Vanessa Werner is a wonderful start to our Chat on This Birth series, brought to you by Advanced Health Chiropractic.

Vanessa is best known for how she collaborates with women, supporting them during pregnancy with personalised prenatal education alongside providing mental and emotional resources as they prepare for birth. more »

Detox and repair with lymphatic drainage: what’s the link to chiropractic? / Nikki Higgins

Nikki Higgins is our Naturopath and all things lymphatic system guru! She brings to our listeners an incredible insight into the physiological detox, growth and repair functions of the body with regards to the lymphatic system, ways to optimise this at home and in clinic, while outlining the role chiropractic plays alongside her work as a lymphatic drainage practitioner and naturopath.more »

Well-adjusted and chasing life outside the comfort zone: Bart’s story of his recent 4417km race across the Great Divide / Bart Muylle

This story, and many others like it from Tour Divide 2022, is packed with courage, commitment, overcoming challenges and seeking thrill in discomfort. more »

Intrepid adventurer, mountaineer and storyteller: Sharing a life of adventure / Jim Morrow

Jim Morrow has sought chiropractic care for close to 50 years! As a builder by trade, Jim’s passion for challenge and exploration came during his teenage years. He has since accomplished many huge feats including mountain climbs in some of the most incredible terrain such as that on offer in both Nepal and New Zealand. more »

Winter Wellbeing Mini Series: Stress busters to boost immune health / Dr Tim Ewer

As the 4th and final episode to this mini series, we have Dr Tim Ewer chatting with us today. And funny enough, Tim is Katie’s uncle so this is a very special episode. more »

Winter Wellbeing Mini Series: Priming our immune system for health / Damian Kristof

Our mini series discussing the sick and tired continues this episode – What is happening this year that seems to be causing us all to experience so many more symptoms than usual? more »

Winter Wellbeing Mini Series: Peptides and how these may be dampening our immune response / Murray Warner

In the face of added stress, increased segregation, immune-challenging cleaning habits along with continual fear and anxiety in our current world – we have created a brutal mix of ways to weaken the internal defence mechanisms of our body. more »

Mini series: Sick and tired of being sick and tired this Winter?

A legendary chiropractor and passionate life-liver, Tim Jack is our special guest this episode and he is bringing us the low-down on all things winter illnesses. Yet even better, Tim is not bogging us down with the intensity of bugs, viruses and unrelenting colds this winter, he is instead opening the conversation about what makes us HEALTHY. more »

The Perfect Storm: Stress, Presentations and Neurology in Children.

Dr Ben Edwards gave credit to the Perfect Storm – a term coined by Tony Ebel, and is used to explain the all-too-common flow of events from birth, that leads to stressed out, struggling bodies and compromised health in children more »

Wellness platform: Productive teams and identifying stress in the work space / Libby Rainger

Libby Rainger is the founder of the Wellness Platform, and hosts the Wellness Platform Podcast which we have also had the honour of speaking on. more »

Overcoming Rushing Woman’s Syndrome; getting to the heart of it – Dr Libby Weaver

As Katie says in the opening to this interview, she has been a loyal Libby fan for over 20 years. Following her incredibly insightful books, blogs and courses throughout this time, it is a wonderful honour to now have Libby along for a Chat on all things Rushing Women. more »

Global Fitness Industry Leader, Susan Renata

chat on this podcast logoLes Mills international instructor, Detective and Leadership Facilitator. An all-encompassing take on choosing a fulfilling and meaningful life / Susan Renata more »

Skintopia, Nourishing from the inside out – Laura Duggan

Chat on this podcast logoLaura Duggan from Skintopia has our Women’s Wellness series off to a wonderful start. more »

Birth, feeding and adjusting to life with a new baby through chiropractic care – Jenna Duehr

Dr Jenna Duehr is a chiropractor, nurse, researcher, lecturer, mother and a phenomenal woman in each of her roles. Jenna has been on Chat on This previously in Episode 7 where she shared her research into chiropractic care in pre-term babies, and the possible influence on reducing the risk of cerebral palsy in these children. She also shared the incredible research into pelvic floor strength and co-ordination amongst pregnant woman receiving chiropractic care. more »

Mind-state of a NZ rugby league player and living with energy / Richie Barnett

Former captain and worldwide rugby league player – Richie Barnett reminds us that the power behind excellent health and performance lies within all of us. more »

The Wellness Collective – How stress presents in kids and the increasingly common recipe for a Perfect Storm/Ben Edwards

As another proud graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Ben Edwards knows chiropractic through and through. As a father and husband himself, he also has a profound understanding on how stress in the nervous system goes on to affect the healthy development of children. more »