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Whist all of our chiropractors are very experienced and strive to achieve all of your health goals, you might gravitate towards a particular chiropractor. If so simply select your preferred chiropractor and make your appointment. Otherwise select “I Don’t mind”.
Ash pritchard


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I love being a family wellness chiropractor. I love helping our community reach a level of health and well-being greater than they thought possible. Naturally.

Katie Pritchard


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I am wonderfully passionate about people living with true wellness vitality and a zest for life. I am inspired and motivated to help families “get out there” and do life to the fullest.

Lydia McClean


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I love being a family wellness chiropractor because we get to see miracles every day whilst the most rewarding fun! The energy here is great, it really is where the magic happens.

Dean Cruz


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I love being a family wellness chiropractor – the power in everyone to self-heal and regulate is amazing. Seeing connected and happy families everyday in practice is awe-inspiring. I love it!


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