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Are you Putting Fear or Love Into Your Petri Dish?

Hey superstars,

I was watching a short video from Bruce Lipton that I would love to share with you.

The video is about the power and control that we ALL have in being able to set our bodies up to be amazingly healthy and resilient, purely based on how we perceive the world, what we are thinking, and how clearly our senses, brain and nerve system assesses and perceives the environment you are living in.

What I love about this video is Bruce Lipton communicates that the MIND is an interpretation of your world, and that HOW you interpret the world, whether it be in fear or love, can have a massive influence on the physiology of our body, our health and wellbeing.

What’s the relevance to chiropractic?

Contrary to modern thinking, chiropractors are not simply back doctors or pain doctors. In reality chiropractic deals with human performance. We are concerned with how much energy you have, how much healing capacity you have, your coordination, resilience, adaptability. Your ability to have an amazing life

Each visit and adjustment you receive from your chiropractor is designed to facilitate the removal of the interference to your nerve system and allow your brain and nerve system to fully perceive your world, release the appropriate chemicals for you to respond to your environment, function at your absolute best, be strong, and be resilient. Be amazing!

Bruce Lipton mentions that it is the mind’s perception of the world that governs the health of the cells in your body. In reality what he is really saying is that it is absolutely essential that everyone has a nerve system that is free of interference so that you, your friends, your family can perceive your world, respond appropriately, release the appropriate chemicals and live an amazing life.

Green wall

It’s pure chiropractic.

It’s the chiropractic lifestyle

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  1. Jennifer peace says
    May 05, 2023 at 2:06 AM

    Excellent talk by Bruce oh so true the mind is so powerful. But combine this with chiropractor checkups and a good diet and exercise life can be amazing Thankyou ash for the great interview and for your great work

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