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Chronic Cough

It was only a year ago that people everywhere were spouting off their thoughts behind “the worst Winter we’ve ever had”

With persistent sickness and chronic coughs happening at a significant scale we heard everything from “my immune system is so weak after lockdown” to “these bugs are getting stronger”

In reality, the resilience of our body to mount an effective immune response during a pathogenic imbalance is the real measure of health and immune function.

So despite “new” viruses, or the repetition of sickness we were seeing, it comes down to one thing – we either change the environment (Option A) or we strengthen the host to suit the environment (Option B).

What is a chronic cough?

A chronic cough is typically described as lasting for 4-8 weeks minimum in children and adults respectively. An array of associated symptoms can be seen including post-nasal drip, vomiting, sinus infections, shortness of breath or a fever.

Someone experiencing a chronic cough may find their condition is brought on, or exacerbated by bouts of asthma, sinus infections or hayfever.

One important factor when talking about a chronic cough, is that it is important to acknowledge this is not a disease in itself, but rather a symptomatic presentation of other pathogenic processes. Because of this, simply treating a cough using over the counter, or even natural remedies is not the answer to addressing what’s causing the issue. i.e. Option A is not the magic cure (although tempting we do understand).

There are many ways we can support our body, or our children, to feel more comfortable as they heal from something such as a cough without dampening the body’s own healing response and delaying recovery. Keep an eye out for our team’s top 5 tips on the blog.
Bear with me for a moment.

Let’s take Option A.

Changing the environment looks like fear, avoidance, excessive sanitisation, sick days and generally a lack of exposure. Although it may provide someone choosing this option with short term respite from any potential stretch on their system – they are not actually becoming any more resilient to that which gets them down.

It would be remiss of us to not address the fact that days at home are vital for recovery and restoration. Rest is an essential part of the healing process, but we are talking about one step earlier here. What is driving disease such as a chronic cough in the first place?

Surely it is not a lack of hand washing or too much time with others at the playground.

So we arrive at Option B.

female practitioner arms crossed adjustmentIf you have seen the computer screens at Advanced Health Chiropractic you may have read the message “While others may be concerned with changing the environment to suit the host, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the host to suit the environment”

The stronger, and more resilient, your nervous system is at conducting an effective immune response – the healthier you are. We are no longer distracted by the fear of contracting a virus, or the latest bugs “going around” and instead we are empowered to strengthen ourselves.

How do you heal from chronic cough?

Let’s circle back to Option B.

First, we measure how effective your body is at healing.

The three scans we run regularly at the practice will tell us exactly how resilient your body is relative to the demands of daily life.

They will give us a measure of energy use throughout the body, efficiency of vital functions, and the quality of messages driving organ function and general wellbeing.

They tell us how well equipped your nervous system is at bringing about a healthy and resilient body, which naturally includes your immune response and breathing patterns.

It makes sense to measure and enhance this system regularly, especially during trying times.

Once we have scanned and know exactly what’s driving the symptoms of a chronic cough, we get to work (or as we say around here, we get to the magic)

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