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Does Man Flu Really Exist?

Every year, just as surely as the seasons cycle round, we can count on countless males to be completely useless for a solid week or more; battling, or more likely whining that they have been struck down by the life threatening man-flu.

Every winter men all around the world are curled up in the fetal position, eyes closed, coughing, sweating and groaning while the females, often with the same flu, take it in their stride and carry on throughout the day.

Is this another clear example that males are the softer, weaker more fragile section of society

Is it appropriate to respond with:

Toughen-up buttercup

Or should we take it easy on the men in society who are inflicted by this terrible man-flu

Is Man-Flu a real thing?

Both males and females are born with an innate immune system designed to perform the function of our natural defense system.

Similarly, each of us has an ADAPTIVE immune system; one that learns and continually develops over the years based on our exposure, experiences and environment.

Despite this, and more pertinent to the potential existence of ,man-flu, studies have actually revealed that there is a physiological difference between males and females that might justify the existence of man-Flu.

Research has repeatedly shown that women have a stronger innate immune response to infections than men. Yep, Studies from as early as the 1940s have confirmed that women possess an enhanced capability of producing antibodies. Almost all infections seem to be more severe in males compared to females; influenza. hepatitis, measles, whooping cough, rabies, herpes, smallpox, diphtheria. The list goes on.

So maybe man-flu may actually exist…….or at the very least the man-response to the flu exists.

There is a catch however; the stronger immune response in women can be a positive and a negative thing – it’s a good thing in that it helps fight off infection, leading to quicker recovery, and less severe illness. However, if it is too strong, the immune system may result in collateral damage such as injury to tissues or organs, and potentially autoimmune diseases.

Why do females have a stronger immune system?

One of the theories is that the additional X chromosome is a distinct advantage; X chromosomes have a higher density of genes related to the immune system. Given that women have two X chromosomes compared to men only having one, this may explain why women typically mount a stronger immune response.

Studies have also suggested that testosterone, which is greater in males, could dampen the immune response to infection, while certain female sex hormones could boost it.

Another theory is that the stronger immune system has developed over the years as an evolutionary benefit, as females are important for reproduction of the species.

What can we learn from this and what should we do about it?

Regardless of the reasons for the stronger innate immune system in females.

It is essential for us to realize that we are all born with an Innate immune response.

Yes there are differences in the defense potential of this innate immune response between males and females, however, this is the key!

We are ALL also born with an ADAPTIVE immune system. One that continually learns and develops day after day, year after year, based on our exposure, our experiences and our environment.

In chiropractic, how well you adapt and learn from your ever changing environment is the greatest measure of health. This adaptive immune response is a continuous process- continually varying, never constant and always changing. Always developing.

So the great news is we can do something about it.

male practitioner adjusting patientEat well, sleep well, rest and recover, exercise, challenge ourselves and challenge our immune systems so we can all develop a super strong adaptive system.

The passionate chiropractor in me would be neglectful if i didn’t mention that chiropractic has been proven time and time again to positively influence the adaptive variability of your nerve system and enhancing your ability to adapt and respond to life’s challenges, and recover when you need to.

And I would be even more neglectful if I didn’t mention that we have the latest technology in our practice to accurately measure your level of adaptability.

You know, every one of us has the potential to be healthy.

Every one of us has an innate nerve system and innate immune system.

And every one of us has an adaptive potential that will learn, grow and develop more strongly through each and every experience.

Yes it has been proven that men are born the weaker members of society when it comes to the innate immune systems they are born with, and perhaps man flu does exists for some who have yet to develop their adaptive potential through experiences and vitality health care like chiropractic.

Perhaps for these men we can be gentle when they succumb to the flu; provide them with a reclining chair in front of a large flat screen television where they can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in comfort.

The reality is the reason some people are struck down more than others is that they have yet to develop their adaptive responses and resilience..…… and there is definitely something we can all do about it.

Take responsibility. Take action. Strengthen our adaptive responses, and Maximize our potential.

Yours in Chiropractic, Advanced Health Chiropractic.

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