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Dr Katie Pritchard (Chiropractor)

Dr Katie Pritchard, Chiropractor Auckland

Dr Katie Pritchard, co-owner and chiropractor at Advanced Health Chiropractic


Incredibly passionate about helping people reach their potential through Chiropractic. After 20 years in practice, I am always most excited about supporting women through their pregnancy and onto motherhood, and taking care of children…….. I love seeing their little lights get switched on after their adjustments”

Katie is ridiculously passionate about ensuring children are functioning at their absolute best. She will often advise parents put off their care in order for the children to get checked first. It is her unwavering belief that a properly functioning nerve system is paramount to optimum health and wellbeing.

Katie’s ideal day in practice is when she has a fully booked shift of family’s, and she has the great pleasure of tuning up the entire family for health and wellbeing. Watching children grow up to be happy, healthy, empowered and living to their full potential is a privilege. She is often asked when the best time for a child to get adjusted is, and she will reply the minute the child draws their first breath.

When Katie is not at Advanced Health Chiropractic she is with her two children, Tom and Chloe. Family time is all about new and wonderful experiences and quality time together.

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