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Episode 36

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Wellness platform: Productive teams and identifying stress in the work space / Libby Rainger

Libby Rainger is the founder of the Wellness Platform, and hosts the Wellness Platform Podcast which we have also had the honour of speaking on. You can find that episode here.

Libby brings the wellness conversation to light in practical and applicable ways across the workforce, while also focusing on the individual and supporting health from the inside out.

She fits our ethos perfectly, understanding the vital nature of supporting in-born resilience and harnessing the body’s natural abilities to both be well, and perform well. Libby also incorporates this with a focus on the brain and body connection – sound familiar?

Although this episode focuses on workspace wellbeing (home and office based), her practical tips and take-home information is applicable for all and useful when supporting family wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about Libby, her in-person workshops and how she can support your team – then find her website below or reach out via Instagram.

Keep up with us by following the magic on:

Dr Libby’s Instagram

Dr Libby’s Website

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