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Episode 38

Woman enjoying coffeeSick and tired of being sick and tired this Winter? Let’s change that / Tim Jack

A legendary chiropractor and passionate life-liver, Tim Jack is our special guest this episode and he is bringing us the low-down on all things winter illnesses. Yet even better, Tim is not bogging us down with the intensity of bugs, viruses and unrelenting colds this winter, he is instead opening the conversation about what makes us HEALTHY. Having recently moved back to NZ with his wife, Tim is very much living the post-lockdown, isolated and very unusual 2.5 years that we have all experienced. With new demands, different stressors and unpredictable environments, it makes sense that our bodies are needing to continuously adapt in an ongoing manner, and perhaps differently from how they have done before.

Tim gives us hope. He also gives us practical and easy concepts to focus on when steering our families toward better health and wellbeing, and setting the bar high for strong and resilient bodies – it starts at the nervous system.

Advanced Health Chiropractic are delighted to bring you this Chat on This episode, and more to come in this Wellbeing series.

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