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Episode 42

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Intrepid adventurer, mountaineer and storyteller: Sharing a life of adventure / Jim Morrow

Jim Morrow has sought chiropractic care for close to 50 years!

As a builder by trade, Jim’s passion for challenge and exploration came during his teenage years. He has since accomplished many huge feats including mountain climbs in some of the most incredible terrain such as that on offer in both Nepal and New Zealand.

In Today’s Episode

Jim’s story is one that he tells so well, and with a sense of excitement as he recaps his adventures. He shares the moments of frost bite, wind chill of -50 degrees and at what point does one make a call that this adventure is too dangerous for even the greatest of explorers.

Having lived a life well-adjusted and ready for fun, Jim is now sharing the very gift that leads him into this world as a young teenager. He comes alongside high school students to teach, equip and guide them into their own mountaineering explorations.

We are very proud of Jim as an AHC practice LEGEND, and are delighted to hear how he chooses to live an amazing life with an approach to health from the inside out.

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