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Episode 43

Well-adjusted and chasing life outside the comfort zone: Bart’s story of his recent 4417km race across the Great Divide / Bart Muylle

chat on this podcast logoThis story, and many others like it from Tour Divide 2022, is packed with courage, commitment, overcoming challenges and seeking thrill in discomfort.

An incredible challenge to cycle some 4417km through mountain ranges across the entire length of the Great Divide, and through treacherous conditions at times as we hear all about.

Katie is chatting with another one of our very own legends who regularly comes into the practice and is well-adjusted here at Advanced Health Chiropractic.

Bart shares…

  • His preparation for the challenge
  • Bike mishaps and accidents along the way
  • What took him to Tour Divide, what it was like, and what he was thinking along the way
  • The lessons, and where to next

If you are somewhat inspired by or intrigued at the thought of letting life begin at the edge of your comfort zone, then this is the episode for you. And if you are needing the push for your own next challenge, you may just find the motivation to do so through Bart’s awe-inspiring story. One which Katie and Ash got to watch live all the way back here in NZ.

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