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Episode 45

Birth Series: Regulating your nervous system for optimal pregnancy, birth and Motherhood transitions / Vanessa Werner

pregnant couple in pain on bedVanessa Werner is a wonderful start to our Chat on This Birth series, brought to you by Advanced Health Chiropractic.

Vanessa is best known for how she collaborates with women, supporting them during pregnancy with personalised prenatal education alongside providing mental and emotional resources as they prepare for birth.

With a focus on perinatal mental health, Vanessa also offers postnatal counselling and birth recovery support.

This episode dives into how life experiences, significant or minor, go on to shape and model our central nervous system. As we know well in chiropractic, the ability of this nervous system to adapt and respond to such experiences and stressors will directly impact our level of health and function. It is with this in mind that we come together to chat with Vanessa today over the shared understanding around optimal nervous system function, for optimal pregnancy, birth and motherhood transitions.

At such a sacred and special time, Vanessa’s philosophy and practice holds space for mothers to feel empowered, acknowledged, validated and completely understood in their experiences – whether a first time mother, or mother of many. Her website and Instagram pages can be found below if you would like to reach out and connect with Vanessa herself

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