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Episode 60

Optimising sports performance in Teens and why the research is bringing it all back to the BRAIN.

daddy daughter ball gameHere is one for our busy and active teens and tweens!

This episode shares the research on what is happening in the brain when we adjust the spine and nervous system, and why that positively impacts the strength and agility of teenagers.

We know that with each adjustment the brain changes. What some may not know however is the positive impact these adjustments have (instantly) on motor control and strength, and why this enhances sporting performance.

We share the secret weapon (chiropractic care) for sporty kids, why our AHC families book an extra tune-up before competitions and tournaments and the famous athletes who include chiropractic care in their regular schedule.

Katie shares a number of studies in this field and you can find those at the bottom of these notes.

Read one of our teenagers success stories.

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