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Episode 66

girl playing rugby

From kids for kids: How to have Superhero health and strong bodies / Maddy and Ava

Ava and Maddy are our two inspiring guest speakers for this week’s Chat

These two are firing, radiant, creative, healthy and expressive individuals – and they tell us how.

In this episode, we discuss what’s on their minds at this stage of life, what it means to the girls to be healthy, how do they keep their bodies thriving, their chiropractic stories and what they are most looking forward to this year.

There are many reasons we asked these two specifically to join us on the podcast, and one of them is they remind our listeners (including ourselves) how simple health really is. When you encourage empowered approaches from a young age, nurture inborn resiliency, support the way in which our bodies were designed to function and nourish the system that keeps us firing, you really do experience life better than ever before.

The result? Radiant health from the inside out, naturally.
Thank you Maddy and Ava for sharing your wisdom and your magic with us.

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