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Episode 70

There’s something very different about chiropractic families: A passionate, real and sometimes hilarious chat with someone who’s seen it all / Judy Olsson

multigen familyOur beloved Judy Olsson! If you are a long time AHC member and needing your Judy fix – this is for you. Or, if you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Judy – consider this your introduction to a phenomenal woman.

She is not a chiropractor, she is a chiropractic extraordinaire and she is DRIVING chiropractic for the whole family… why is that?!

Judy is insanely passionate about health and wellbeing, she is a keen bowls player (and a very successful one!) and was an AHC team member before moving up North to find her paradise alongside her husband.

We think it is extremely powerful to hear from the mouth of someone with a front row seat, of how powerful chiropractic care is for all family members. She is hugely empowered to run a practice, gauge the needs for both the team and the people seeking care, respond intuitively and continue the ripples of magic so that, as she puts it, people can experience the best of life free of interference.

She talks about what she notices when family’s are getting checked together, chiropractic care for animals and some funny stories and the moment it all just “clicked” for her and made total sense that she wanted this for the rest of her life.

Judy has stayed in the chiropractic world and is out there serving other communities and another practice now, sharing her magic as she does best.

We are honoured to chat with Judy on today’s episode.

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