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Episode 76

Bruce Lipton: Your thoughts drive your physiology

brain x-ray scanBruce Lipton – have you heard of him?

Renowned microbiologist, known for his best selling books Biology of Belief and Honeymoon effect, along with his take on epigenetics.

Bruce is a very special person to our hearts, having taught us all over the years through our association with the New Zealand College of Chiropractic – we are delighted to share this chat today.

Katie recorded this whilst our chiropractic team attended a philosophy seminar with Bruce as a keynote speaker.

They discuss the growth vs protection states our brain can occupy and how that drives our physiology, or outward presentation of health.

We have content coming out throughout Winter that further expands on Bruce’s health concepts which will equip you for a healthy and vibrant winter season. Be following our socials for access to this

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