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Episode 77

Chiropractic care that embodies culture, recovery and community connection / Vernon’s Story

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This is a story of recovery for not only one incredible individual, but the people he interacts within his work and community life.

Vernon Downes is someone we are VERY proud to share with you.

We talk about Vernon’s journey of physical recovery, and how that lead to further mental, spiritual and emotional recovery too with chiropractic care. Vernon’s role in the drug courts and how wellbeing must be the centerpoint of all that he is and all that he brings.

Vernon works within our community to help people recover from addiction, and crime. He is a beacon of hope and a story of success. He leads a weekly Kapa Haka group whereby Maori culture can be celebrated and lived in the everyday lives of all those who wish to take part. He is profound, proud and a delight to learn from.

We know you will love this episode with Vernon.

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