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What is your Symphony and Rhythm?

What do traffic lights, airport controls and nature all have in common?

They work in rhythms.

When well organised and expressed, the rhythm allows a smooth and easy flow of events.

Whether that means…
– Traffic moves well
– Planes can take off and land without a hitch
– The natural principles of life and regeneration take place – it all comes down to rhythm.

What rhythms do you see in your body?

Circadian – our sleep/wake cycles
Reproductive – both male and female
Peristalsis – rhythmic movement of food and energy through our digestive tract
Cardiac – the beating of our heart, relative to our physiological needs
Respiration – breathing and oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange

You get the picture, there are plenty more.

Rhythm is pretty essential.

The irony is as I write this I am sitting in a cafe, swaying to the music of Jack Johnson – in a rhythm, writing about rhythms. We can’t help but be drawn to them!

How important are rhythms to the human body?

The human body must work in rhythm to fully express health, and the rhythms can change.
For example, when exercising, our heart and respiratory rates must increase to feed the increased need for oxygen in our tissues.

The closer we attune our rhythms to nature, the more intuitive we are and the better our body works.

We see this consistently in chiropractic.

As the body moves towards ease and balance, we see people better able to handle stress, drop back towards a state of health and experience happier days.

The best part?

We haven’t added anything in. No medications, no synthetic or artificial takes on nature, no supplements. Absolutely nothing. We have simply removed that which gets in the way of you working as you should, and letting your body do the rest. Our magic lies in the nervous system, how you choose to live your life in addition to that is entirely up to you and will either build, or break your potential for full health.

In order to maximise your body’s ability to live in rhythm, you must have a clear nervous system. That means the brain and body are in good communication, your stress response is balanced, inflammation in check and postural energy at its most efficient.

Sound complicated? It absolutely isn’t!

These are all things we measure in practice with our insight scanning technology. These scans give us real-time updates on the power of your nervous system to regulate the normal and usual rhythmic processes throughout the body – all of them!

So if you are struggling with rhythm – be that digestive, immune, sleep, mood, energy or even fertility, you have come to the right place.

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