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Why Do We Get Sick on Weekends

Hey there superstars,

Have you ever noticed that you or your kids, friends, workmates, family members get sick more often on weekends?

Or even worse, you fall down sick on the first day of the holiday that you had been looking forward to for weeks?

Is this really a thing?

Is this actually true that we get sick more often on weekends and holidays? Or do we simply notice it a lot more because of its significance? Because it occurs at a time when it is least desired?

I thought we would look at the mechanics and the purpose of getting sick, (yes getting sick has a purpose) and explore this a little further in exploring the unfair timing of when sickness occurs.

When we get “sick”, this is our body fighting harder to get better.

It’s our body Eliminating what needs to be eliminated

Burning and destroying the bugs that need to be destroyed (Fever)

It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it!!

Crucial to this conversation, all of this is actually a nerve system thing, not an immune system thing.

Getting sick more often on weekends and holidays happens because of our neurology ….making it a chiropractic issue as much as anything else.

Let me explain

The role of your nerve system is to assess the stresses and forces in your environment, the quality, quantity and intensity of these and set your body and physiology up appropriately to respond and adapt to these

What often happens is that during the week many of us are so busy, so stressed with multiple items on the list, multiple errands, multiple drop offs and pick ups for the kids, more work, no time; less sleep; ………and then we are back at it again the next day, day after day, week after week

In response, remember your brain and nerve system is assessing and responding to this……

In response, your nerve system shifts into a sympathetic response, telling your body to store, to protect, push it down, suppress the energy of the stressful events and activities.

THEN…. when we get to the weekend, when we get to the first day of our holiday, we chill out, we relax, we let our guard down. Our nerve system responds by shifting OUT of our sympathetic dominant flight or flight protective state, and brings us back into the parasympathetic rest digest, restore and recover state which means what….. We begin to deal with what hasn’t happened all week!!!

Rest digest, restore, eliminate, recover and rebalance!!!

Our nerve system recognises it’s time to eliminate what needs to be eliminated, deal with what needs to be dealt with:

  • Burn a few bugs if need be with a fever
  • Get a little phlegmy to help eliminate
  • Knock you out for a day or two with tiredness so you can rebuild and regenerate.

On the weekend, once you have moved out of your sympathetic fight-flight or freeze protective state, you are finally able to engage and express because you and your nerve system are finally out of the sympathetic dominant protective response required to handle the busy day-to-day living.

You see we categorize this as being sick,

We categorize this as something wrong, something bad

But it is essential IF you haven’t been able to adapt to the lifestyle you are leading.

It is essential if you are living in a sympathetic dominant state.

What’s this got to do with chiropractic?

family chiro patientsThe primary reason chiropractic is so effective AND so broad in it’s effectiveness is the link between the spine and the nerve system. Particularly the link between the state of your spine and the state, balance and variability of your nerve system.

Often when we are experiencing an illness it might not be a bug problem. It might not even be an immune system problem. It is more often a nerve system problem that chiropractic can help with.

Chiropractic has been proven in research time and time again to positively influence the balance and variability of your nerve system (1) (2), amplifying your ability to respond to life’s challenges and recover when you need to.

If you are like me and want to have your weekends full of action and adventure, as well as have uninterrupted adventurous holidays, then make sure your spine is unwound, your nerve system balanced and variable (get this assessed with our HRV scan), and your physiology out of a sympathetic (stressed) dominant state and back into a balanced state that can repair, rebuild and restore.

Living life to its fullest is the chiropractic lifestyle.

It’s pure chiropractic.

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