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5 Top Things Our Team Do When Feeling Under the Weather

I hear you. Many of the families seeking our care were in the same boat last year, feeling like the kids were sick every second week. As one family member recovered, the next one came down. A seemingly never ending cycle of sick, snotty, sad individuals and families.

It was very obvious to most that their body was not able to bounce back from immune challenges like it usually would. But what may be less clear to people, is the driver behind this.

We were emerging from 3 very intense and demanding years. I feel it unnecessary to list the array of stressors at play during that time but we all knew we were being stretched in all manner of ways. And this takes a toll.

We needed our bodies to respond as effectively as they always had, yet with a load insurmountable at times. This is maybe something we could withstand for one, or even 2 years. But three years of relentless demand, isolated exposure, reduced ability to strengthen our body and ongoing challenges simply tipped the scales.

We all felt it, from kids to adults. So here is our list of top actions the AHC team take, and have taken for years to ensure we did not meet the same relentless sickness that so many experienced
practitioner twisting back adjustment
Get adjusted – it’s a no brainer! Our team and their families are all on regular chiropractic care plans, just like you are. What we tend to find is that, when someone is sick or under the weather they need additional support. An easy way to think of this is if you drive further, you are going to need to stop at the petrol station sooner. Consider Advanced Health Chiropractic your petrol station for this one.

We also know that when adjusted, we remove any interference to the nervous system and activate our parasympathetic function. This drives the immune system.

Happy nervous system = happy immune system. Leaving you to get the full throttle experience of healing.

Rest – it may be boring but it really is vital. As humans, we all have a natural limit. We focus a lot on maximising that limit so that we can achieve the very best life has to offer. However, in order to do this we do require some down time to solidify the stretch we have gained. When we rest we allow ourselves optimal recovery time, meaning we rise to new limits again. Go with the flow on this one – go on, we dare you.

Ride a fever out – we are so happy to hear our local paediatric teams and children’s hospitals sharing this one too. As you probably know by now, a fever is the body’s inbuilt way to create a hostile environment for bacteria. When needed, a fever is mounted so that the body can essentially wipe out what shouldn’t be there and reset back to baseline.

Increase fluids – this supports a healthy detox, temperature control and comfort. When your body is detoxing from a cold or symptom, there’s only one way out! I’m sure you don’t need any more of an explanation as to why fluid would make this particular detox process any easier but let’s just say we want the path of least resistance on this one.

Celebrate! Wait… WHAT?! You read that right, we celebrate around here. Symptoms are signs of our body healing. They mean we are capable and able to switch on an immune response when dealing with invading organisms, or an imbalance of pathogenic bacteria. Bugs and viruses are not bad, funny enough they are actually essential. Have you ever noticed how your child often gets a cold right before they achieve a new milestone? Or how you are able to vomit after eating a food that doesn’t agree with you? Effective removal huh?

Symptoms are what allow us to expel whatever is not serving our body, so that we may return to balance. They may not always be convenient or fun, but they are an excellent sign of good health which we celebrate, and seize the much needed recovery time. Persistent symptoms however are a different can of worms and we talk about that here.

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