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A Commonly Asked Question… Why Do You See A Chiropractor?

brothers playing“Why do your kids go to the chiropractor?”

“How would they have back pain already?”

It’s an interesting question and one that we hear from time to time… Usually from people who haven’t spent time in the AHC sandpit, with the kids playing in the family area before, during and after their checks with their parents.

Questions like this, however, are a great indicator of a person’s approach to health and life. And potentially, the level of health and wellbeing they can expect.

You see there have always been two approaches to health.

The first of these approaches is to wait for there to be a problem. A symptom or signal that something is wrong. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, indigestion, ear infections, colic….The list is unlimited. The signal becomes the focus, irrelevant to the cause. And the approach is to treat the signal. To do enough so that the signal is gone. And that’s it.

The second approach is to invest. Time, money and energy into activities that continue to un-wind our life stressors, and allow our bodies to naturally regenerate and restore in an ongoing fashion. Just the way we are designed. This approach people lean in, on the front foot and prepare for the future.

Most people know in their gut that something proactive needs to be done to heal well, to feel better, and to live an awesome life. My hat goes off to the ones that choose to invest. Like the people and families that we continue to take care of. Thank you for trusting us as part of your health team.

There is no doubt it is a busy world around us. And one that is winding up our bodies in ways we have never seen before, and at speeds faster than ever before. So whether you are looking to heal, feel better or achieve the most awesome life, it is worth the investment, for now, and the future, for ourselves and our family members.

So back to the original question, why do kids go to the chiropractor? Because their parents love them and have chosen to invest.

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