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woman sitting on desk felling sick

Would you believe it that many people seek chiropractic care initially, in search of support for their mental health and wellbeing?

By exploring the emotional, physical and chemical stressors at play when someone first visits our practice, we see all too commonly that anxiety, depression or mood discrepancies are common challenges amongst our community.

We can also understand the individual’s resilience and adaptability to such challenges, by measuring the role of the nervous system in their current state.

You see, the nervous system is what allows us to express our most normal, natural and healthy states. Keeping this system clear is vital to experiencing our innate power to heal and bring ourselves back when the balance has been tipped.

Maybe we have had a major event such as an injury or traumatic experience. Maybe we are overworked and undervalued. Maybe we are spread thin between the requirements of our family, our lifestyle and our occupation. Or maybe, we simply are human and have been exposed to a lifetime of smaller challenges that have over time worn away at our resilience and adaptability. Leaving us in a state where we are not experiencing, nor expressing, the state we are truly capable of.

That is exactly what was happening for *Grace. She was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety, a constant state of being on-edge and overly vigilant. Not only is this mentally exhausting, it is a complete physical drain on the body as she responds to these neurological cues with a tense state of ‘fight or flight’.

Grace scan - BeforeGrace’s scans below show her nervous system was functioning in overdrive. She was stuck in a perpetuating pattern between mind and body, as a result of interference within her nervous system.

After a focused and tailored plan of care, focused towards Grace’s own adaptability and harnessing her body’s own abilities to return to balance, she is now experiencing a much happier, calmer life, free of panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety.

Grace Scan- After

Her most recent scans show why.

With chiropractic care *Grace found her nervous system able to withstand the demands of daily life much better. She was no longer wired into the perpetuating state of fight or flight, and her reserve capacity for managing stress was significantly higher.

People tend to tell us they feel “lighter”, “more relaxed” and even more themselves when under regular chiropractic care.

That’s easy to understand, because that’s exactly what they are! More themselves, more at ease and more able to take on life in an amazing way.

Imagine a community of families living like this? We get to see it every day at Advanced Health Chiropractic.

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