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Are you going to stand for it?

Are you going to stand for it?

by Ash

They say the ‘baby-boomers’ are the rebels, who stand up for their rights. They fight for freedom of opinion and self-expression. They also say that this current generation of adults are submissive, the ‘complainers’ and the ‘disenfranchised’. Maybe they are right!

It’s a sad day as a society when we are encouraged, actually demanded to hide away for ‘fear’ of contracting the ‘virus’. What happened to building our immunity and strengthening our resilience?  This approach erodes the confidence in our own health, our trust in the intelligence of our bodies’, and the knowledge that our bodies are designed to be strong and have an amazing potential to withstand threats such as a virus.IMG_1172

For those who have visited AHC often, you would struggle to miss the bright green wall in reception that says big and bold – “Your body has the ability to be more amazing than anyone has permitted you to believe”.

You had better BELIEVE IT!

There is no doubt that our leaders and government have the best interests of the people of our Country. We have a plan and let’s get behind it 100%. However, how dare they and the media convince the people of New Zealand that we are weak. That we have no resilience. That we must hide at all costs.

As a society we mustn’t forget to question. We mustn’t forget to stand up for what we know is right and in the best interest of ourselves, our families and our community. And we mustn’t forget that we have an inner wisdom, strength and resilience inside of us that has the ability be absolutely AMAZING!!

We are getting close. Our hands and tables are ready and waiting.

We are really looking forward to seeing you again soon.

See you at the green wall.


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