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Chiropractic care in Level 2

The following provides an outline on the Level 2 modifications.

The Physical-Distancing Guidelines.

In order to protect the vulnerable and respect any individuals with strong desires to minimise potential risk, we have implemented additional protocols during Level 2 to make our environment extremely safe for you during your visit:

For your regular visits:

Social Distancing: We will open up 2 reception areas to ensure we can maintain appropriate social distancing. Our regular reception area will have less seating options. We will also have an additional seating area in the community area. Face Masks: The Ministry of Health have not made face masks mandatory for allied health professionals, however, the following procedures have been undertaken to ensure comfort and safety for all of our people:

  • All of our chiropractors have face masks available at request. If you feel you would be more comfortable with your chiropractor wearing a face mask please ask either your chiropractor or one of our supporting team members.
  • All of our team members cannot practice if they fall within any of the criteria listed below under ‘who cannot receive chiropractic care during this time’

The Additional Cleansing Guidelines.

The following additional cleaning actions will be performed within the practice:

  • Chiropractic Tables and surfaces will be wiped down with ethanol-based spray in between each visit.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available
  • Chiropractors will clean hands in between each visit.

Who cannot receive Chiropractic care during this time?

The Ministry of Health and Chiropractic Registration Board have recommended the following people should not receive regular chiropractic care during our normal shift periods:

  • Anyone who has a positive COVID test in the past 14 days
  • People who are experiencing any of the following potential COVID symptoms: dry cough, sore throat, running nose, fever.
  • Those who have been in close contact with someone with COVID or potentially has COVID
  • Those who have arrived in the New Zealand in the last 14 days
  • Those who are elderly and/or have potentially vulnerable conditions

Our new system for those who are more vulnerable and/or require a higher level of protection:

It is important to continue all health and well-bing protocols to ensure you stay healthy, fit and strong. If you believe you fall in to this category, please consider one of the following additional options for receiving your chiropractic care. :

  1. Personalised Service Times: Outside of our regular appointment shifts, we have available Personalised Service Times where appointments can be made so that you basically have the experience by yourself with minimal contact with anyone.
  2. Concierge Service: For the vulnerable and those desiring who desire a very isolated experience, we have a separate room with back door access, so you do not have to have any contact with any other person apart from your chiropractor. With this option, you don’t have to go through the reception at all.

Thank You!

We thank you for valuing what we do and how it can impact your health, life and well-being. Hugs and High-fives, your Chiropractic Team.

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