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Focus On Your Wellbeing Throughout Summer and Holiday Celebrations

Healthy and BrightWith the season of summer and celebrations ahead, a focus on wellbeing is essential.

December often demands more of us in every way – more social commitments, work requirements, late nights, holiday traffic, party food and anything to make life easier.

We know it’s coming and in some areas we can work to minimise the load of stressors on our nervous system.

However, others are simply a part of life and so we focus on enabling our bodies to best manage these requirements.

Fundamentally This Starts With the Nervous System

When resilience in our body outweighs the stress requirements of life – health prevails.

We tend to sleep better, feel better and function better.

For some, it can be the difference between enjoying December or simply getting through.

Your regular scan visits tell you about this balance between stress and resilience – we aim to consistently outweigh the stressors of your lifestyle, with regular chiropractic care. Meaning you are more resilient and best equipped to thrive in life.

We regularly take these scans as we know both life, and our bodies are constantly changing. This is what makes you, and your nervous system adaptable and capable of handling challenges.

When your nervous system has good rhythm and momentum (these are our “wellness care” individuals and families) we simply check you to maintain the consistency at which you work best.

Yet the thing about December and the summer season is often it is far from consistent. It is a time to come together, celebrate, stretch our limits and enjoy the holiday season. Your consistency is crucial here, yet you might find yourself still scraping the barrels of your energy reserves.

An excellent approach is to up the usual wellness practices you have with increased focus for example:

  • Regular walks and low intensity movement to support your recovery
  • Taking time to enjoy the sunshine and soak up the natural light which helps to regulate our sleep rhythm
  • Enhancing your nutrient intake by adding living and bright foods (fruits and vegetables) at each meal, wholesome protein and lasting fat sources
  • Setting a reminder on your phone to breathe deeply and focus on the task at hand before moving on to the next

All of the above points are wonderful support to our body’s resilience. However, as we mentioned initially – the most vital thing to get right is the foundation of our nervous system. With a well-connected and well-adjusted brain and body you are best able to maximise your regular wellness practices.

This tends to support:

  • More appropriate balance in the fight/flight and rest/digest components of the nervous system
  • Engage restful and restorative sleep patterns, best driven by the brain without interference in the nervous system
  • Assimilate food nutrients and detoxify waste products – both during sleep and wake periods
  • Support function of the vagus nerve for proper recognition of safety signals in the brain, and therefore best organ regulation and breathing

This December we are focusing on more than simply surviving to the end.
We are walking our walk and finding a level of health which far exceeds any accumulated stressors… so that we all can have a merry, and healthy, Christmas.

For more conversations designed to be thought-provoking, informative and offer an empowering approach towards wellbeing for your family, check out our podcast series.

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