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Dr Ash Pritchard (Chiropractor)

Dr Ash Pritchard, Chiropractor Auckland

Dr Ash Pritchard, co-owner and chiropractor at Advanced Health Chiropractic


There is no doubt in my mind that everyone has the potential and opportunity to be healthy and happy…… The key is finding out what is stopping this from happening. After 20 years in practice, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone transform in to a much healthier, happier and stronger person.”

Co-owner of New Zealand’s leading chiropractic practice, Advanced Health Chiropractic located in the foothills of the Waitakere Rangers.

An intelligent individual who has transformed many lives by introducing them to chiropractic.

A father to two beautiful children and husband to an amazing wife who happens to also be a chiropractor.

Ash is a talented humble athlete who constantly works on improving his skills and will not accept anything less than 100%. He is a living example of someone who has dedicated his life to share the message of Chiropractic, he has traveled the world and refined his skills both professionally and personally to achieve and concur past, present and future goals and ambitions.

Can’t is not in Ash’s vocabulary, he loves chaos, high pressure and having FUN. Ash promotes balance in life and believes everyone should be happy. Most importantly, Ash lives life as natural as possible.


Dr Ash Pritchard (Chiropractor) | (09) 818 8015