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Easy Queasy -- What to do when tummy bugs hit

I’m going to have to assume we have all seen the movie Shrek for this one.

“A mean, green, fighting machine” as Shrek is affectionately referred to by his dim-witted yet hilarious noble stead, Donkey.
Donkey and Shrek share a humorous moment of disgust as Shrek just about reveals the contents of his stomach during one particularly funny scene.
Followed by the famous Shrek quote…

“Better out than in I always say”.

Well, Shrek was on the money with this one. And as I write this, I happen to be on an AirNZ plane, en route to Auckland with the vomit bag in view, hilariously labelled as “Easy Queasy”.

I promise we are not going to get too detailed in this blog, so even the most sensitive of stomachs will be able to handle this one — but an appreciation for natural bodily processes will be essential if you are to enjoy the ride.

We will refrain from discussing nor giving advice on table manners, however at Advanced Health Chiropractic we do acknowledge that the body has an in-born ability to regulate what it does, and does not, need inside itself. Often when faced with gastro or a stomach bug, we want nothing more than to feel better and to feel better fast. The way the body intelligently does this is to remove whatever may be causing the issue i.e., to vomit.

The vomiting itself is not the problem, but instead the body’s intelligent response to alleviate the problem.

Because of this, by suppressing or stopping the response we are not allowing ourselves the opportunity to dispel that which has upset the balance.

Maybe we have eaten something a little past it’s best before date, or you might be witnessing your child as they are exposed to new and novel bacteria of which they are yet to build a defence against (pssst read more about this here)
So now, who agrees with Shrek’s earlier quote “Better out than in”?

We sure do!

It could almost go without saying that supporting the body’s innate ability to heal itself and return to balance is vital.

Hydration is key and adjustments essential!

Any normal function of the body requires a well-adjusted nervous system to maximise its potential. At the first sign of a tummy bug or gastric upset, we strongly advise everyone to schedule an extra tune-up and maximise their resilience through this experience. This often lends itself to better sleep and faster recovery… just like magic.

Your body will thank you for it.

And you’ll be back to your mean, green, fighting machine self in no time…

Just like Shrek

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