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Episode 104


A lifestyle of purpose, structure and success with Malcolm Rudd

As one of our own close friends, colleague and mentor – we are delighted to share Malcolm Rudd’s brilliance with our listeners.

Malcolm is a chiropractor and chiropractic coach with the Remarkable Practice. He introduces himself brilliantly and his role within that organisation, which cannot be done justice by words alone. His skill, passion and exceptional work ethic in mentoring practices to their greatest level, along with serving his own practice members with exceptional, life-long, vitalistic chiropractic care is simply brilliant.

Even better, this episode is not just for chiropractors!

Malcolm will explore:

– Using the chiropractic lifestyle for success
– How to implement structure that works
– The joys of living a life of purpose
– What this has taught him, and what it now offers him

Malcolm also shares the upcoming TRP seminar to be held at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic on November 24th and 25th

You can get the details on the link below:

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