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Episode 105


Colic… My baby won’t stop crying!

We have our beautiful and VERY experienced Katie Pritchard taking the podcast this week, and it happens to be one of her favourite topics.

Colic in babies is extremely distressing for the baby, parents and other family members. We are wired to be on high alert when listening to a baby cry, so it is understandable that when families present to our practice with a colicky baby, they are all at their wits end.

Katie explains

  • What colic is
  • How birth affects colic and colic symptoms
  • The role of the pelvis and delivery
  • What winds the nervous system up
  • When to seek help
  • What chiropractic care looks like for babies
  • Success stories

If you are struggling with colic, you know someone who is, or you simply want your child to have the most optimal start to life then contact us below

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