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Episode 22

Confidence and empowerment coach, growing resilient girls/Kimberley White

chat on this podcast logoKimberley White and her family absolutely ooze empowerment, they are a phenomenal family of Advanced Health Chiropractic and today Kimberley shares the essence of this with us through her business Empower Yourself.

As a facilitator of girls workshops for 7 to 12-year-olds, these workshops are fun! They navigate friendships, growth mindsets, communication and stepping into challenges with optimism and tools for resiliency.

As a mother of both girls and boys herself, Kimberley also addresses different ways in which they may thrive when learning the tools of emotional resiliency. Her 3 beautiful children are absolute examples of this and Kimberley shares how her and husband Richard have navigated this in their parenting and family journey together.

In essence, Kimberley’s work aligns with chiropractic to a tee. We understand the value in fostering healthy patterns and well-adjusted individuals who are equipped to face life and all that may bring. When we unlock the tools within us, we can ride the waves of life with an air of confidence, resiliency and ability to face challenges head-on.

Enjoy part 1 of our AHC heroes series – Kimberley was the perfect guest to kick this off!

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