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Episode 24

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An epic inter-island swim/Susan Sherwen

Susan’s endeavours are exactly as the Green Wall in our practice so clearly states…

“Your body has the ability to be far more amazing than anyone has ever permitted you to believe”.

Her story is a perfect fit for this season and another wonderful reason why we refer to those under care with us as “AHC practice legends”

Susan epitomises what it means to experience a huge amount of trust, expectation and ability from our bodies – knowing they were designed to be far more amazing than anyone has ever permitted us to believe.

Upon her swim between the North and South islands of New Zealand (with no wetsuit!) Susan describes having to really “boot it because the tide was changing and I was going to miss the south island”

An incredible feat and from humble beginnings as she describes herself at one stage being unfit and no longer a swimmer – right before committing to swim the breadth of Lake Taupo!

This story is inspiring and jaw-dropping all the same, with an unexpected twist and a tale of resilience at the end.

This chat between Katie and Susan has got to be of those ones that make you want to go and give life everything, truly inspiring.

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