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Episode 27

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The alignment of chiropractic and Rongoā Māori / Terina Hingston Ora Chiropractic

There are 3 governing principles in chiropractic
1) The body is designed to heal
2) The body is able to regulate itself
3) The body is equipped to coordinate all of it’s own functions

Chiropractic serves to adjust the nerve system and fully enable the expression of these 3 foundations, which otherwise may be influenced and interfered with by our lifestyle stressors.

How does this cross-over with Rongoā Māori?

We chat with Dr Terina Hingston, founder and practicing chiropractor at Ora Chiropractic about the alignment of both chiropractic and traditional Māori healing practices. Terina sheds light on what her practices include and how she seamlessly aligns her own culture, experience and wealth of generational knowledge, with the science, philosophy and art of chiropractic.

When we foster the in-born strength and wisdom of the body, we allow for the full expression of life itself. From this state we know health prevails – and with that in mind, the ability for our bodies to not only thrive but also to recover and heal as they were designed to do.

As humans health is not merely the absence of disease.

It is far more accurately understood as the ability to be tested and yet strengthened by the challenges we face through life. An easy example of this is the building of a child’s immune system through exposure.

As we come through challenges or tests, we set ourselves up towards a resilient, stronger and more adaptable body.

We are so incredibly passionate about this at Advanced Health Chiropractic/a> and to see you experience it for yourself.

There really is nothing more valuable than your ability to be well.

With Ora Chiropractic, we intend for this episode to be a starting point in appreciating Rongoā Māori, and the incorporation alongside a chiropractic model of family wellbeing

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