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Episode 30

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The Wellness Collective – How stress presents in kids and the increasingly common recipe for a Perfect Storm/Ben Edwards

As another proud graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Ben Edwards knows chiropractic through and through. As a father and husband himself, he also has a profound understanding on how stress in the nervous system goes on to affect the healthy development of children.

Ben’s episode is insightful and relatable. He introduces The Perfect Storm, a phenomena coined by chiropractic legend Tony Ebel (soon to feature on the Chat on This podcast!) where stress in the early stages of life, leads to neurological imbalance and has the potential to present itself as chronic immune challenges or ear infections, disrupted and unhappy kids, learning difficulties, sleep troubles and so much more.

When the future lies in our very own hands, the power of an adjustment on a child’s potential is infinite. We expand this concept and reaffirm why we are so madly passionate at Advanced Health Chiropractic about regular care from birth.

Thank you Ben for sharing your knowledge, your time and your wisdom with us – it is an honour to share the same message and help more families

You can connect with Dr Ben Edwards and his team by checking out his website and Instagram account.

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