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Episode 31

Mind-state of a NZ rugby league player and living with energy / Richie Barnett

chat on this podcast logoFormer captain and worldwide rugby league player – Richie Barnett reminds us that the power behind excellent health and performance lies within all of us.

This episode combines some of Richie’s greatest achievements as an international league player, alongside his biggest challenges that had the potential to put a stop to it all. Chronic fatigue, major injuries, and those days when it would be easier to just stay in bed are all at play here. Yet it is Richie’s tools and training in mind-state that got him through the worst of it and continues to create a life of vibrancy and ultimate wellbeing.

Have you ever wondered what’s going through the head of players as they run onto the field of a world-level game? Funny enough, it’s the same thoughts that Richie now shares through his coaching and mentoring programmes alongside youth and other people looking for a change in their life.

Just like the rugby field – Richie leaves nothing behind in this episode and we are delighted to share our Chat with you.

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