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Episode 32

Birth, feeding and adjusting to life with a new baby through chiropractic care – Jenna Duehr

chat on this podcast logoDr Jenna Duehr is a chiropractor, nurse, researcher, lecturer, mother and a phenomenal woman in each of her roles. Jenna has been on Chat on This previously in Episode 7 where she shared her research into chiropractic care in pre-term babies, and the possible influence on reducing the risk of cerebral palsy in these children. She also shared the incredible research into pelvic floor strength and co-ordination amongst pregnant woman receiving chiropractic care.

Jenna is a hero. She has dedicated so much of her time and energy towards opening the conversation around family chiropractic care, and she is living this herself with her own three children. Jasper’s recent birth and adjustment to the world was not always smooth sailing like some may hope for the third time around. Jenna walks us through this process and the reality that no matter how many children you may have had, for each child this is their first time. Recovering from birth, establishing feeding and finding their groove as a family of 5 all came with their own challenges and learnings, thank you Jenna for sharing these with us and your very comforting perspective upon doing so.

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