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Episode 33

Skintopia, Nourishing from the inside out – Laura Duggan

chat on this podcast logoLaura Duggan from Skintopia has our Women’s Wellness series off to a wonderful start.

Laura’s experience is vast and she talks us through skin at all stages of life as a female – we discuss her approach from the inside out, and how nurturing your body’s internal drive for health will play out through your skin.

From food, to gut health, teenage years, mental health, dentist care and all sorts of wonderful tips in between, Laura’s episode is truly nourishing.

In chiropractic, we know that true health comes from within, and nurturing the body’s internal and natural born drive for health is when we truly are able to live at our best. Laura and the philosophy she shares with Skintopia captures the essence of this concept beautifully and are one of the many reasons Katie loves visiting regularly herself!

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