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Episode 35

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Overcoming Rushing Woman’s Syndrome; getting to the heart of it – Dr Libby Weaver

As Katie says in the opening to this interview, she has been a loyal Libby fan for over 20 years. Following her incredibly insightful books, blogs and courses throughout this time, it is a wonderful honour to now have Libby along for a Chat on all things Rushing Women.

Libby is someone we are constantly referring to in the practice, especially when discussing and learning more and more ourselves about women’s wellbeing. There is something incredibly powerful about the women’s body, and when we come together to best understand the mechanisms at play, learn our own unique traits and unleash the power within us all, we begin to experience that magic. Something we celebrate in knowing so well in chiropractic, and right here too with this Chat alongside Dr Libby Weaver.

Libby’s episode dives into her latest online course “Overcoming Rushing Woman’s Syndrome“. Most of us have heard about this term coined by Libby herself, yet do we really know what’s driving it? Why our inherent drivers as women to care, nurture and (sometimes) worry are what make us beautiful, social and interconnected beings yet leave us in a flurry of dysregulated hormones, struggling stress responses and little room to know how to care for our own needs?

This episode is for all women and a phenomenal tool at that.

Both Dr Katie and Dr Lydia felt like this Chat was speaking to directly to them, a conversation so applicable and so relatable to woman of all ages. We summarise the episode by discussing ways we can bring the knowledge and practical tips Libby shares, to our future generations of daughters.

A very special episode, and one we are delighted to share.

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