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Episode 37

mom doing laundry with daughterWelcome, Dr Tony Ebel!! As mentioned in Episode 30, Dr Ben Edwards gave credit to the Perfect Storm – a term coined by Tony Ebel, and is used to explain the all-too-common flow of events from birth, that leads to stressed out, struggling bodies and compromised health in children. We are talking about ear infections, asthma, anxiety, motor control, concentration, learning ability, balance, gut dysfunction and SO much more. We all know about stress – but it’s less often that children come to mind when thinking about this topic.

Dr Tony Ebel is insightful, practical and offers us hope in the movement of child health care towards a model that sets them up to thrive from the very beginning. We all know it is much easier to grow healthy kids than it is to repair broken adults – and it starts here. When talking about children’s health, the possibilities are infinite. We will not settle for mediocre, and as a team, Advanced Health Chiropractic is committed to radical wellbeing, resilience and ability to adapt for all families we serve. THIS is where the magic happens!

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