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Episode 44

Detox and repair with lymphatic drainage: what’s the link to chiropractic? / Nikki Higgins

chat on this podcast logoNikki Higgins is our Naturopath and all things lymphatic system guru! She brings to our listeners an incredible insight into the physiological detox, growth and repair functions of the body with regards to the lymphatic system, ways to optimise this at home and in clinic, while outlining the role chiropractic plays alongside her work as a lymphatic drainage practitioner and naturopath.

We are delighted to have her complete our season of guest speakers from within the Advanced Health Chiropractic community.

Nikki is one of the very few Sheila Perez practitioners in New Zealand, having transitioned the majority of her practical work to following this method and observing the very best of results in her clients.

From autoimmune conditions, to inflammatory challenges, energy, recovery, healing, and even general wellbeing, Nikki sees it all. We talk common conditions and complaints, results and specific tips for optimising your lymphatic system at home.

As Nikki receives regular chiropractic care herself, we know she is the very best person to combine personal experience with her expertise for this episode. Nikki is an advocate for health from the inside out and empowering individuals towards better health outcomes and an optimally functioning body – essential now more than ever.

If you would like to contact Nikki or follow her work, you can find her on Instagram here and feel free to reach out to her.

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