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Episode 53

Busy and distracted brains in tweens and teens / Why it happens and what to do

Teens at school against the wallIt’s all about the neurology in this episode!

A busy brain is a simple term we use to describe the neurology that may be driving behaviour which appears chaotic, anxious, reactive or frantic. These behaviours are simple reflections of a brain and body trying best to regulate itself and the drivers behind it.

Many parents come to us noticing their child or teenager is…

  • Constantly stressed or anxious
  • Experiences difficulty with learning and focus
  • Struggles with sleep
  • Faces constant and chronic immune challenges
  • Has slouched and protective posture

Chiropractic is the right place for them!

In our office we measure the busyness or ease within the brain, the capacity for stress, and the level of energy efficiency or exhaustion within the body as a result. From here we can understand the neurology which drives outward behaviour in our teens and tweens.

All emotions and behaviours are normal. Our focus in establishing ease and good communication between the brain and body so that these emotions are their most appropriate and regulated. Supporting our kids brains is essential for optimal health and wellbeing, no matter what they may be experiencing. It is simply the foundation for a body as healthy as can be.

This is why we care for families at Advanced Health Chiropractic.

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