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Episode 59

sisters on piggy backThe one biggest thing for our happier, healthier, and brainier teens – Sleep!

Understanding a teenager’s neurological needs around sleep.

This one is a goodie! We discuss all the neurology surrounding sleep, circadian rhythms, influences on sleep and what might be getting in the way.

We share with you why a teenager’s sleep needs change as part of normal brain development, and also why they may be more inclined to make riskier choices or poorer decisions without proper sleep.

We understand why they like to stay up later, and sleep in longer but still, have a huge need for regular bedtime routines and adequate sleep in the hours before midnight.

We know that a major driver of sleep and rest is a well-balanced nervous system. It is fundamental to good health and supporting our teenagers to live their most optimal and healthy lives. We really cannot express how vital it is that our kids grow up with regular chiropractic care, and the difference this makes to their health and wellbeing.
Chiropractic care is our foundation for all growing kids, on top of that we use this episode to best understand what happens in the body when it is able to work as well as it was designed – sleep included!

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