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Episode 63

girl reading on living room floorBrain’s wired for learning: Reading, writing and retention – making school life easier this year.

Parents and teachers will unite over this episode as we discuss the ways in which some teenagers may find learning a challenge, and how best to navigate this.

Our brains are cleverly designed to develop and function based on the way in which they wire together, this process can be supported through your chiropractic care. What we also know about learning, is that it is hugely influenced by sleep, social connection, experiences and creativity.

We discuss the common traits amongst teenagers that tend to include more risk taking behaviour, boundary testing and creative expression. These behaviours are fundamental parts of development and stem from usual brain function. As these processes are occuring, our teenage brains are pruning what is most useful to them and leaving behind what isn’t. Because of this, it is fundamental that we create and continually support an optimal environment for the teenage brain to thrive in. We want to encourage creativity, support good nutrition and sleep and ensure the brain and body are in good communication with regular chiropractic adjustments.

This episode is research packed and Katie mentions 2 great books which helped us form the content of today’s chat, you can find the links to those below:

Daniel Siegel’s book Brainstorm.

Barry Corbin’s book Unleashing the Potential of the Teenage Brain.

Read one of our teenage success stories here.

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