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Episode 80

Brain health drives physical health. How to maximise your body this Winter / Murray Warner

stressed woman sitting at table with hand on her headMurray makes his message so very simple – if we have the ability to strengthen and develop as living beings, then viruses do to. In the face of added stress, increased segregation, immune-challenging cleaning habits along with continual fear and anxiety in our current world – we have created a brutal mix of ways to weaken the internal defence mechanisms of our body. Yet Murray faces this head on and is living proof himself of the power we all hold in supercharging our own immune systems, stimulating the nervous system and becoming more adaptable than ever to take on this flu season.

Murray’s concepts are simple, easy to apply and to be honest – everything most of us already knew prior to entering this pandemic 2.5 years ago.

His chiropractic perspective make Murray the perfect guest as we head into Winter and want to strengthen the resilience of us as individuals, families and communities. Together we are opening the conversation around what seemed last year to be a never-ending Winter of unrelenting sicknesses and bugs, finding a way through and restoring the incredible potential we all have to be well and thriving

Murray references a podcast which you can find here

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