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Winter wellbeing with
Advanced Health Chiropractic

ClinicWhether you are struggling with your family’s health, or you simply want your family to grow well, be well and perform well – then you are in the right place. AHC family’s experience a vast array of positive benefits in their life once beginning regular chiropractic care – we often hear parents commenting on their increased energy, happier kids, better sleep or having chronic health struggles addressed. Yet it all comes down to one simple thing – the nervous system.
At Advanced Health Chiropractic we are entirely focused on amplifying the ability of the nervous system to heal the body and command good function.

We regularly see families start who may be struggling with

  • Birth trauma
  • Chronic coughs and colds
  • Low mood and energy
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Asthma, eczema and allergies
  • Brain fog
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Recurrent infections
  • Gut dysfunction
  • Unrelenting injuries

Many of these families feel as though they have tried EVERYTHING. They may be on top of a healthy diet and good sunshine or exercise levels, they may be in bed early and have plenty of quality family time, yet why are they still so sick?


Cue the nervous system.

The nervous system is the driver behind all body function. When working well, there is a clear connection between this system and the body, allowing you to function well and experience good health.

Any interference in the system (disturbance to the brain-body connection) leaves a limited capacity for your body to function as it should, this is often the starting point for poor health and

Interference to the nervous system begins at birth for many of us, and the best way to address this is with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic has an interest in the spine as it houses the nervous system which carries this vital information between the brain and the body. Research shows that by restoring and maintaining proper function of the spine, your body’s communication system works effectively to bring about healing.

Through our Insight scanning technology we can directly measure the function of your nervous system. Knowing where you are starting allows our team of chiropractors to build a specific, and tailored approach to help you kick the Winter blues.

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