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Episode 86

Healing recurrent infections in kids and supporting immune systems with Dr Leila Masson

happy girl outsideFor over 25 years Leila has been working with children and their families to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

She is a close colleague and very much respected expert in the health field by all of our team, and especially Katie who has had the honour of learning alongside Leila on many occasions. Although now practicing in Australia, she has a wealth of brilliance that we couldn’t not share with our audience and Advanced Health Chiropractic listeners.

We highly recommend you visit Leila’s website and join in on her monthly webinars, packed with real, and natural ways to support even the most complicated of health demands in children (including emotional, chemical and physical)

Like chiropractic, Leila honours the body’s inborn ability to heal and be well, she will strive to get to the root cause of what is getting in the way of optimal health for your child. As chiropractors interested in adapting to stressors, thriving nervous system and raising resilient kids – this Chat is incredibly close to our hearts.

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