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Episode 94


What’s causing inflammation: Inside the magic of a well-adjusted nervous system and influences on the inflammatory cascade

Did you know most disease includes an inflammatory component? Be that autoimmune, skin, gut, coughs, colds or injuries?

Research is also constantly emerging on the brain and body changes observed amongst those facing anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

We brought the best in for this one! Dr David Fletcher who has previously joined us on Episode 74 is the man behind Insight CLA scanning technology (the scans we use with all of our health seeking families in the practice!)

He explains

  • What is inflammation
  • Where does it come from
  • Why does it appear to linger for some people
  • What the nervous system has to do with inflammation
  • How to interrupt the patterns of inflammation and therefore disease
  • Chiropractic care as the most effective tool to calming the nervous system, allowing for adaptation, resilience, coordination and coherence within the brain (and body)

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