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How Do We Know An Apple Is Good for You?

How do we know an apple is good for you, and what has that got to do with chiropractic?

By Ash
apple with heart bite
I believe there are some things in life that we just know as truth.

Like how do we know an apple is good for you?

I mean ask anyone about apples and they will respond with “Of course Apples are nutritious”, “Apples are good for your heart”, “Apples are good for weight loss, they can prevent cancer, even fight asthma”. Apples have becomes one of the most popular fruits in the world – and for good reason. Because we now they are good for you right?

But how do we know?

There are literally hundreds of research articles published on the benefits of apples. However most of us wouldn’t know they exist, or most likely wouldn’t even care. We just know because we know because we know, right?

As a general concept everyone seems to know that apples are good for us because apples are natural. Apples are as close to nature as any food around us. They are Fresh. It Feels good when you bite in to a nice crispy apple, and you usually feel great after eating an apple; as opposed to after a solid gluten binge of a muffin of the same quantity.

So what does this have to do with chiropractic? Well everything!

You see Just like the crispy apple chiropractic is also based on natural principals and is as clos to nature as it gets. Since chiropractic started in 1895 chiropractic has remained 100% close to nature while other professions have move further and further away from the appreciation of natural laws.

In chiropractic there are no chemicals, no additives, no chopping things out, no adding chemicals and components in. Chiropractic is based on the premise that within each and every person is the NATURAL ability to be amazing and when we remove blockages and interferences, those wound up areas called subluxations, you simple unleash and liberate this natural potential. You become a better version of yourself naturally!

The experience of chiropractic can be just like chowing down on an apple; you simply feel great after a chiropractic adjustment, and just like eating apples, the more you include chiropractic as part of your healthy lifestyle routine, the greater the benefits.

In life you could spend a lot of time researching benefits, investigating the numerous studies and scientific exploration into effectiveness, studying how things work, as there are literally thousands of studies out there. O you can simple eat the apple and see how it tastes.
Nothing beats having an experience.

So If someone asks you about chiropractic, or you were thinking about recommending chiropractic to a friend, collage or family member…… you could simply say chiropractic is just like eating apples; fresh. natural and good for you.

As corny as this sounds there is a lot of truth in this!

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